Our Objectives

Our Objectives

The aim of our association is to protect the living and inanimate natural values and our cultural heritage, especially the hive-stones and the stone culture of Bükkalja Region – and related to this scientific activities, researches, dissemination of knowledge, education, environmental-conscious tutoring and providing information; organizing knowledge dissemination lectures and courses, as well as implementing cultural contented leisure time programs.

Protection of landscape and natural values

Beside the rehabilitation and presentation of hive-stones, stone-culture and natural values of Bükkalja Region, our aim is to familiarize the inhabitants with the protected natural values of local significance and bring them closer; because we live in a very close neighborhood of these natural wonders without being aware of them. It is especially important for us to promote the experience gaining about the wonderful diversity of the living and inanimate nature.

Nature protection

We would like to offer alternatives for solving environmental problems on local, regional and country-wide levels, and also we would like us to be able to build them into our daily lives. As a consequence of the urbanization a new form of pollution, the light pollution has emerged; and because of that we draw attention towards the wonders of the natural sky with our programs.

Knowledge dissemination

We consider the development of an environmentally conscious approach to be of the utmost importance, so we have been dealing with environmental education for years. Based on the needs for a healthier and a more livable environment, we organize open air school programs, knowledge disseminating lectures, guided tours, courses and workshops.

Leisure time activities for every age group

We would like to make everyone move and preferably in nature, thus we organize hiking and cycling tours, caving and climbing programs on a monthly basis in Hungary and in the neighboring countries.

Promotion of volunteering

Beyond the implementation of nature and environmental protection works, our main goal is to encourage the voluntary nature and environmental protection activities, and so that to educate local communities and usually the younger age group on environmental awareness and social sensitivity.

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